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To improve the ENDORISK model, our team is continually working on new research. Please take a look at our published articles to see already published research.

We are also working on ongoing projects to further improve the ENDORISK model.

Published articles


December, 2022

Vrede, S. W. et al.

August, 2022

Grube, M. et al.

Improved preoperative risk stratification in endometrial carcinoma patients: external validation of the ENDORISK Bayesian network model in a large population-based case series

August, 2022

Muller-Sielaff, J. et al.

Augustus, 2022

Vinklerová, P. et al.

External validation study of endometrial cancer preoperative risk stratification model (ENDORISK)

Mei, 2020

Reijnen, C. et al.

Preoperative risk stratification in endometrial cancer (ENDORISK) by a Bayesian network model: A development and validation study


Evaluation of endometrial cancer care study

Study in three oncological care regions in the Netherlands to gain insight in the standard care for endometrial cancer. Results of this study will function as a baseline to our upcoming implementation study of ENDORISK in to clinical practice.

User Interface

We are currently creating an improved User Interface to enable health care professionals to use the ENDORISK model in a user friendly and informative way. In collaboration with Anna Kleinau and Prof. Steffen Oeltze from the university of Hannover.


Addition of several relevant variables to the model to ensure the model is future-proof. In collaboration with prof. Peter Lucas (TU Twente) and dr. Arjen Hommersom (OU Nijmegen).

Ongoing projects
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